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About Us

Schiff Architectural Detail

Will it stand the Test of Time?

In today’s market economy where the search for sustainable goods has become a priority, Schiff Architectural Detail takes its’ place as a dedicated manufacturer of long lasting architectural metal products, whose use is intended for generations and perhaps a century. We stand by this concept and produce a very successful and proven railing system called “Century Metropolitan Ball Cap and Rail”.

Whatever the metal product, our depth of knowledge takes us inside the finish and allows us a molecular viewpoint. We ask, “Will it stand the test of time?”

Truth be told, our broad range of material knowledge, attraction to quality, innate sense of design, love of history and study of artistic historic forms all stems from founder Jeffrey Schiff’s early years as an art scholar, and creative sculptor.

After 40 years his appreciation of “Architectural Detail” with all its’ intrinsic value, whether function or form, has evolved and grown into a sought after commercial business, known for craftsmanship, design, and most of all creative problem-solving.

Schiff Architectural Detail looks forward to hearing about your latest project, and invites the creative challenge of custom architectural metalwork, large and small.